Some Information on the delivery of our babies

Our babies leave us with the age of 14 week of life. Until then, they are under constant control of our veterinarian Dr. Georg Ullmann.


Then they have been vaccinated against: Feline Leukemia, Feline Infectioue Enteritis, Respiratory Viral Diseases. Further they are dewormed and they get an EU-Chip.

When they were sold they get pedigree ( from CCG e.V. ), vaccination book, usual feed and also a toy, the kitten love most.


If a buyer has decided themself for a kitten, he has to sign a contract and pay a deposit.

Kittens in our breed are surrounded with love and kindness and we expect these things of the new owner too. Therefore we want to meet the buyer personally, if it is possible considering the distance. We don't send kittens by cargo.

We don't want to give cats away when they are going to hold in a single position.  Norwegian forest cats always need company, and it doesn't matter, whether it is another cat, a dog ore the human person.

We always are very pleased about news ore sometimes pictures from our kitty by the new owner.