Our current news

March 2014

23 th March: New images from our C-Litter with ten weeks online.

February 2014

20 th February: Chuck is still looking for a new home.

January 2014

21 th January: We have Kittens available :-))

December 2013

16 th December: Our Belina is still looking for a loving home.

November 2013

1 st November: Our Njola and our Alisèe are PKD- nagative, and HCM normal. We are very happy.

September 2013

23 th September: We got photos: Basti and Belina in their new home:-))

09 th September: New pictures of alice at 5 months are online

August 2013

26 th August: New images from our B-Litter with 12 weeks online.

19 th August: New images from our Babies with 11 weeks online.

12 th August: New images from our B-Litter with ten weeks online.

05 th August : New images from our B-Litter with 9 weeks online

July 2013

29 th July : New images from our Babies with eight weeks online.

23 th July : New images from our B-Litter with 7 weeks online.

17 th July : New images from our sweet Babys with 6 weeks.

08 th July : New images from our B-Litter with five weeks.

04 th July : Our sweet Belina is looking for a new home.

01 st July :  Our sweet babies already raging wildly. New images of four weeks  online.

June 2013

17 th June : New pictures from our B-Litter with two weeks

11 th June : You can see a new Babygallery on the Nursery page

10 th June : New pictures from our B-Litter

04 th June : We have Babys

May 2013

28 th May : New pictures from Emmet with 6 months and from Alisèe with 8 months.

25. May : A new Cattery Link av Droemkatt of the Linkpage

9 th May :  Pedigree B-Litter created and

pedigree Emmet created

5 th May :  It will take four weeks to the birth of Njola's kitten. We are looking forward to see how many babies she put into the nest :-)

April 2013

27 th April :  New page created : Delivery Info

21 th April : Some Pages revised.

18. April : We are safe now. Njola expect their babies around the 03 rd June 2013 :-))

14 th April : New pictures added of Alejandro from our A- Litter in his new home.

01 st April : We were at the weekend in Berchtesgaden. Njola visited their Dougie and if it worked, we expect babies to the 03 rd June :-))

March 2013

25 th March : On 24 March we were at the show in Ellwangen with Njola and Alisèe.

Njola got two CAC points.

Alisèe was nominated for Best in Show and they got Ex 1


We congratulate :-)))

17 th March : In one week we are at the show in Ellwangen.

11 th March : Since yesterday our Emmet lives with us. More Informationes at " Youngsters"

02 nd March : In a week we get our Male Emmet  :-))) We are looking forward....

February 2013

14 th February : On 10 th March 2013 we got our male Emmet:-)))

04 th February : New pictures from our Alisèe at 4 months.

2 nd February : Some pages revised.

January 2013

27 th January : Our search for an own male was successful. His name is Emmet, he is a red whirlwind, and his character is to simply melt away.

24 th January : New Kittenlink vom Yachthafen

05 th January : Inserted an updated picture of the Litterside

03 rd January : Some pages revised.

December 2012

29. December : Our new plans for the spring of 2013 now online aviable.

28. December : Baby Gallery completed.

26. December : The litters page is finished.

24. December : New images of  Alisèe and Alejandro

16. December : Added a Scroll-to-Top Button on the left below.

14. December : New pictures from our A-Litter. For now, please look at the German side : Babys

 We are working hard to translate our English pages

07. December : New Pictures from our sweet babies. Look at Kinderzimmer

04. December : The home side finished.

03. December : New Kittenlink vom Yachthafen

02. December : Alejandro from our A-litter has found his new Home.

November 2012

26. November :  New pictures from our A-Litter with 8 weeks. Look at Babys.