CH. Emmet vom Yachthafen

born on 20 th November 2012

Red/nonagouti ( NFO d )

GSD- 4 normal

PK-Def. N/N

HCM-normal on 30 th October 2014 (Dr. Schafhauser)

PKD-normal on 30 th October 2014 (Dr. Dohmann)



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Emmet is the father of the C- and D- litter



Vater: Muffin's Mr. Ollivander

              red tabby mackerel/white

              GSD-4 normal




Mutter: Muffin's Helga Hufflepuff

                 black torbie classic

                  GSD-4 normal

Emmet 1,5 years old

Emmet 14 months old

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Emmet 9 months old

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Emmet 6 months old

Emmet 5 months old

Emmet 4 months old

Emmet's first time in the new home

Pictures from Emmet's nursery

Emmet 13 weeks ol

Emmet 12 weeks old

Emmet 11 weeks old

Emmet 10 weeks old

Emmet 9 weeks old

Emmet 8 weeks old

Emmet 7 weeks old

Emmet 6 weeks old

Emmet 5 weeks old

Emmet 4 weeks old

Emmet 20 days old

Emmet 8 days old